Windstorm Insurance

Insurance By The C Agency specializes is providing comprehensive coverage to homeowners along the coastal area.  

If your home is located in a coastal region, some homeowner's policies may exclude windstorm coverage and a separate windstorm policy may be needed.  Insurance By The C Agency provides coverage with Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) as well as other private carriers.

Not all policies are the same.  Your windstorm coverage may be included in your homeowners policy, but if it is excluded you will need a separate windstorm policy for coverage. 

Insurance By The C Agency is here to help guide you through properly protecting your home during any storm you may face.

Coverage information you should consider are:

Wind Driven Rain - Is when rain is driven into your home by the direct force of wind without a direct opening made to your home.  Most policies do not cover damages caused by wind-driven rain.  Coverage may be available with some companies and will be added on by endorsement.  

Additional Living Expenses - If you are not able to live in your home due to a covered loss, this coverage could provide assistance with reasonable living expenses including housing.  Windstorm policies with TWIA  only provide this coverage for your primary residence.

Building Code Requirements - Some companies, including TWIA, require that your home's construction and/or repairs need to be built in compliance with applicable building codes.  Not having the necessary certificates of compliance may effect eligibility for coverage.  Contact Insurance By The C Agency to learn more.

Do not let hurricane season sneak up on you.  Call our office today and have your coverages reviewed by one of our experts.